Attry Pat – 03/19/2021

There are no shortages of companies offering subscription services.  From latest TV streaming services such as Peacock and Discovery+ to fitness services from Apple and Peloton, I am sure most of you have some forms of subscribed services.  I am probably guilty of having services that I rarely used.  Note to self:  I will fix that during my next Marie Kondo moment.

The car industry is no different. Several car manufacturers such as Porsche and Volvo have been offering vehicle subscriptions.  In the short future, you will also be able to subscribe to EVs from Canoo. Canoo is an EV company based in Torrance California.  I first encountered their EV prototype at the Pasadena Art Center in late 2019.  Canoo recently debut its latest addition to their line up; an electric pickup truck. Why let Elon has all the fun.

While I gravitate toward smaller vehicles, this pickup truck from Canoo caught my attention.  It is not outrageous like the forthcoming Tesla Cybertruck.  It doesn’t even look like anything in the market.  At just 184” in length, it is only about 3” longer than a Honda CR-V.  Canoo calls it “a purpose-built pickup truck features powered workbenches, tool storage, a modular expandable bed and more”.  You can easily see why from the pictures below.

Pullout bed extension and space dividers

Worktable and cargo storage

Flip down side table

Side step and storage

Multi-accessory charge port

Roof rack and camper shell

Preliminary features include:

Dual or rear motor

Up to 600 HP and 550 LB-FT of tongue

200+ mile range

18” tires

More details will be available closer to launch although pre-orders are open Q2 this year.  Of course, Canoo offer their EVs as subscriptions. 

Even though soon you can no longer share you Netflix password, there should not be any problem with using you subscribed EVs for ride sharing. Just please hold on to your coffee.