Attry Pat – 11/29/2019

Every October, the Art Center of Pasadena hosts the Car Classic to showcase cool classic cars, concept cars and student works alike. It seems like the event is getting more popular every year.

The Car Classic is where you will see classic cars and meet the people behind some of the designs.  Examples of amazing cars scattered all over the campus lawns include the 2015 Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo, the 1970 Lancia Stratos HF Zero, C8 Corvettes and a Stinger Porsche 911.  There are concepts cars as well.  I remember the Car Classic is where I first saw the Tesla Model X years before its launch.

In the middle of all the action is the prominent center stage featuring interview of Corvette designer Tom Peters, Jay Leno interviewing a couple of Art Center alumni from Lucid and Canoo that are about to launch their own electric cars within a couple of years.  It is fascinating to hear about their experiences in working in the automotive industry to their vision in future transportation.  Other notable appearances include Chip Foose and TV automotive reporter Dave Kunz.

If you didn’t made it to the show this year, make sure you attend next year.  I recommend pre-purchase tickets online and take advantage of the free parking at the Rose Bowl with free shuttle services.  Come visit the beautiful campus, be inspired in the design studios and workshops, marvel at cool classics and hang out with your fellow car people.