Ray Ho – 07/20/2019

Whether you like Classics cars or the famous ex Tonight Show host wearing his signature denim shirt, the San Marino Classics held every June in San Marino is the place to be.
Do you like this 1932 Rose Parade Grand Marshall car?
Not old enough for you? How about this stream engine?
Do you know this is a BMW?
San Marino is an affluent city after all, just look at this sea of Ferraris. I am more drawn to the vintage varieties than the modern ones. There are so many Testarossas here that even Don Johnson would be proud.
As usual David Lee showcases his Ferrari collection including the controversial Dino restomod. Hey at least he didn’t put a electric motor in it.
No car show is complete without sponsors so here are some new rides. May be some of them will become classics someday.