Ray Ho – 06/02/2019

Even though I must deal with spring allergies, it is nice to enjoy unusually rainy and cool weather before it becomes scorching hot in the summer.  Around this time is also when car companies bombard us with ads for new cars for “Dads and Grads”.  I am not sure if there are really good deals out there, but I know I am attending a few graduation ceremonies.

Recently I attended my nephew’s graduation from the Art Center in Pasadena.  I initially was hoping the ceremony be held at the Art Center campus, but it was at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium instead.  It is worth noting that the Pasadena Civic Auditorium has been the home for the “America’s Got Talent” show for the past few seasons.  It is probably fitting as the Art Center Grads are indeed talented.

After the ceremony we had a chance to attend this year’s Grad Show in the exhibit halls where graduating students showcase their work.  Naturally I gravitated toward the Transportation Design department.  It is interesting chatting with potential future car designers and hopefully they will excel in this amazing field.  Who knows, may be someday I find myself driving a boxy Honda.