Ray Ho – 05/10/2020

One good thing about the quarantine is allowing us ample time to repair our cars and our relationships. The hope is that we would spend more intimate time with our significant other. But due to the fact that most of us don’t look like Ryan Reynolds or Blake Lively, we are just not sexy in sweat pants overdue for a wash.  Having a good sense of humor can only carry us so far; perhaps a quick ride in a sexy car will rekindle the spark?

Well at least that is what the auto manufacturers want you to think that their cars are sexy.  Wait, you don’t hear the Bond music every time you spot an Aston Martin? Okay. What about a beautiful Italian woman every time you are near a Fiat 500 Abarth? Alrighty then.

Some car manufacturers may be trying too hard though. For example, despite Tesla’s naming convention; the sound of their car’s electric motor unfortunately may remind some people of their own whining about …..

So take your significant other out on a sweet ride. Go out and fire up that Petrol kitty and let it purr, smash the gas pedal and enjoy the lion’s roar.

Sure some of you might argue that a Harley is also sexy. True but who wants to make out on a bike? Sorry I asked.