Ray Ho – 1/30/2019

If you ever find yourself in Tokyo and run out of things to do, OK that is theoretically impossible if you still have a heartbeat.  So let’s try again.  When you are tired of shopping, eating, sightseeing, eating, signing karaoke, eating, driving Mario Karts on the streets, eating, people watching, eating, …… oh did I mention eating?  Go check out the History Garage in Odaiba in the Tokyo bay.  Inside you will find some cool Japanese classic cars …..and a classic Cadillac.  While classic Caddies you will see plenty even at Costco lots here in the States, you will have to be in Japan to see any decent classic JDM collections.  And I am not just talking about that impressive assortments of die-cast model cars.

Browse through the pictures and you are almost guaranteed to find your favorites.  If you do have a chance to see them in person, make sure you don’t forget to grab another bowl of ramen afterward.