Ray Ho – 09/27/2018

The red 87 Honda CRX (pictured) is one of my favorite cars.  I bought it when I was going to college but couldn’t afford one with air conditioning.  I was sweating like hell in the summer but enjoyed every minute driving it.  My DX model barely cranked out 76HP while the more desirable SI model packed 91HP.  But with my limited budget I decided I want my car to come with seats, wheels and tires.   Just to be different, I made some cosmetic mods by adding side skirts, a factory spoiler and painted them to match the body color.  I also put in a glasspack muffler with dual exhaust tips and even a moonroof from Pep Boys.  It was a super fun car to drive.  The silky smooth 5sp shifter was unforgettable.  I couldn’t help but reminisce about it while I was talking to the owner of a 85 CRX.  His car was one of many Japanese classics on display at the Japanese Classic Car Show in Long Beach earlier this month.

The Japanese Classic Car show has been an annual event in Long Beach next to the Queen Mary for over a decade. This year the event is moved to the Marina Green Park right across from the Long Beach Convention Center.  It is a perfect place to spend a few hours to check out the vast collections of Japanese classics.

If you ever found yourself feeling nostalgic about your old ride, I highly recommend you attend next time.  Just remember to purchase the tickets online to minimize the wait time.  Then again waiting in line under the scorching sun makes the experience that much more special……. no not really.