Ray Ho – 06/16/2018

Arguably Los Angeles is still the car capital of the world, at least until it is inevitably overtaken by a city in you know where.  For now, on any given weekend, there are no shortages of activities for car enthusiasts in L.A.  One such event is the McKenna Performance Driving.

The McKenna Performance Driving event showcases performance car brands from the McKenna auto group which includes Porsche, Audi, VW, Subaru, Mini and BMW.  McKenna invites their customers and friends to have a few fun hours driving their cars.  Last year’s event was at the StubHub Center in Carson and for this weekend it is at the Port of Los Angeles in San Pedro.

After a brief registration process to get a wrist band, browse a few cars while waiting for the orientation then the fun begins.  Take a few cars for flat out acceleration and hard stop on the straights to experience their awesome power and braking technology.  The highlight is on the mini track where you practice or showoff your autocross skills.  I was amused when the car in front of me hit a bunch of mini cones.  The staffs had to run out to reset the cones before letting me go.  I figure since those guys are already out there, I might as well put them to good use.  So I proceeded to knock a few cones off myself.  While this not a course designed for Ken Block imitators, pushing these cars are very much encourage.  What a fun way to spend a few hours on a cloudy Saturday morning.  The event lasts thru tomorrow……and remember to take your Dad.