Ray Ho – 10/22/2017

The United States is one of the great countries in the world. Known to most as the Land of Excess, one can practically encounter everything here in America:  Abundant of material goods plus all kinds of interesting people, culture and of course, fatty foods. However, there is just something you won’t find here. Somehow we are shut out from some really cool cars available elsewhere.

On my recent trip to Taiwan and Hong Kong, I found myself busy snapping car pictures there. Granted some of those cars are indeed available here but the pictures are definitely taken not in the U.S.A.

Here are some car pictures taken in Taiwan:

Do you know that Taiwan has a house brand called “Luxgen”?  Unlike Hyundais which are everywhere in Korea, there are only a limited Luxgen cars roaming the streets in Taiwan.  Perhaps not too many Taiwanese know of Luxgen either?

Didn’t expect to see a Mustang there.  Notice it is behind an STI even in Taiwan.  Pardon me, they are parked.


Here are more car pictures from Hong Kong:

I only took a couple pictures of Teslas but it seems like there are as many Teslas as taxis:

May be you find these cars more interesting:

Perhaps you prefer these street scenes.  Note the Audi dealer (you won’t find a hugh lot there):

How about cable cars? A suitcase in the shape of a Scion FR-S? Kodak moments never the less (Hey, who you calling old?).  No, the yellow one is not a taxi.

Ok these are not really cars but it is the best Wonton noodle in HK I have ever tasted.  Ditto for the beef noodle in Taiwan.